Michael Sheets has been an active and prolific painter for more than three decades.  His works are included in over 200 private, corporate and public collections throughout the United States and  in Canada and Europe.

          Identified by Louis K. Meisel in 1980 as a second generation Photo-Realist, his work has been written about and discussed by critics as prominent and varied as Donald Kuspit and John Arthur.  As early as 1985 it drew the attention of curators such as Lisa Lyons, as well as Eleanor Heartney, then editor of the New Art Examiner.

          Among the more notable media appearances have been an article about his paintings that was published  in American Artist Magazine, the inclusion of his work in New American Painting and an advertisement for Absolut Vodka that featured one of his Stones Series. The latter ran in both USA Today newspaper and in Time Magazine.  It has also been included in histories of that well known ad campaign.

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An interview about the Diner Still Life paintings from 2014.